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An exciting new hotel, “HOTEL ROCORE NAHA”, has opened in the center of Naha, Okinawa Prefecture!
This hotel is located about 12 minutes from Naha airport by monorail, at Kokusai Street entrance, well known as a sightseeing spot, and across from the Okinawa prefectural government building. We are ready to welcome you at our ideal location in the city, and we are very easy to find for people who visit Naha or Okinawa for the first time; just 2 minutes away from the monorail station.
The theme of our hotel is “High Quality Okinawa”. Local materials such as Ryukyu glass and Ryukyu limestone have been used to create an authentically Okinawan style hotel. Kokusai Street in front of our hotel is free of vehicles every Sunday. You can enjoy “real Okinawa” by shopping along the Kokusai Street and in the busy Naha public markets, popular with both tourists and locals. You can enjoy our chef's world cuisines in our restaurant “World Gourmet Buffet Aletta” with our constantly changing menu program of different countries’ cuisines. When you visit Naha, enjoy Naha by staying at HOTEL ROCORE NAHA.

1We introduce you to an attractive site location
In the area of Okinawa Prefectural government and business offices. A hotel located near Kokusai Street Entrance with a 2-minute walk from the monorail station. Kencho-mae. Enjoy Kokusai Street with plenty of souvenir shops and Okinawan-style restaurants.
1Comfortable spacious rooms
A spacious guest room with high ceilings, The space is designed for comfort. Enjoy the nice and cozy feeling of staying at a hotel.
1Reliable Security
Our elevators are equipped with a security system so you can rest pcacefuily in your room.
17 types of room
Able for use in various situations such as business and sightseeing. Guest rooms, meeting rooms and other business rooms are available when traveling alone, traveling with family and on business.
1Have a satisfying breakfast
Enjoy the chef's special balanced breakfast buffet-style at Aletta restaurant.

The "50 types of breakfast" menu includes a variety of local cuisine famous in Okinawa, such as rafute pork, salad with beniimo (a red-colored potato), soup made with okinawan seaweed, and ninjin shirishiri (fried carrot). These dishes offer all the energy you need to enjoy your day. You can enjoy both a western-style and a Japanese-style breakfast during your stay; we recommend a western-style breakfast on the first day and a Japanese-style breakfast on the following day.


【Parking Information】

Multistory car park next to our hotel is available. (1,500 yen for one night, maximum 45 cars)
※the car park is a available from 2:00pm to 11:00am. (Cars can’t be moved from 11:00pm to 7:00am)
※the car park has limitation of the car’s height. The maximum is 155㎝ high.
※There are many pay car parks near our hotel. Contact us for more information.