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ll rooms free Wi-Fi

Available in free Wi-Fi connection service in all rooms in the Recore. Your existing smartphone, tablet, such as wireless LAN-compatible PC, you can use in the same way as your home. [Available] area, all rooms (wired LAN · Wi-Fi connection) ※ I am a LAN cable (1m) in the room. Hotel in the lobby (wired LAN · Wi-Fi connection) and second floors Business Corner (wired LAN · Wi-Fi connection) and second floors conference room (wired LAN · Wi-Fi connection) Restaurant Aletta (Wi-Fi connection) [Internet environment] If you use all rooms high-speed LAN line (Ethernet) optical broadband [Please note] and wireless Internet, area out of reach of radio waves by location or weak areas of the radio waves, and possible that can not be connected to each other by radio wave conditions around There is sex. Internet available security settings at the time of the, thank you you can to go by your responsibility.